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The SSE said in a statement that "major issues", including the summoning of Ant Group"s actual controller and management on Monday by the nation"s top financial regulators, and Ant Group"s report of changes to the regulatory environment, meant Ant Group might fail to meet "listing conditions or information disclosure requirements". The listing was originally scheduled to go ahead in Hong Kong on Thursday. The date for its Shanghai offering had yet to be announced.,  首届进博会上,越南总理阮春福亲自向习主席推介本国农产品和旅游项目。,49.强化河湖长制,实施好长江十年禁渔;,The exhibition area of this year"s expo has increased by nearly 30,000 square meters to 360,000 sq m, and the number of clients so far has surpassed that in previous years, according the expo"s organizer.,According to U.S. polling data aggregation website RealClearPolitics, Biden is leading Trump by 7.2 percentage points nationally, but only by 2.3 percentage points in top battleground states, including Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona.,  “安保巡逻"“疫情防控”很给力,  据介绍,国网浙江电力集大数据、云计算、人工智能、机器人等技术、设备于一体,打造进博会智慧变电站“科技保电”管理体系,通过配置多功能传感器、高清摄像头和辅助控制系统,集成一套可全面感知设备系统,并依托变电站三维模型开展变电站无人机巡检,构建立体巡检作业模式,实现电网设备24小时无死角全覆盖监测。,  信息技术保障:中远海运积极参与进博会安保相关集成系统的建设和服务工作,进一步发挥了旗下中远海运科技在人脸识别、增强现实、人工智能、大数据分析等信息技术方面优势,在服务前两届进博会的基础上,持续优化应急响应机制和运维方案,组建30人的技术团队,为进博会相关视频监控、数据验证、应急指挥、数据展示等系统提供了可靠的技术保障。,  Ocean rail(陆海快线平台公司)展台,Meanwhile, the CIIE Bureau has already opened registration for exhibitors seeking to participate in the fourth CIIE in 2021. Dozens of foreign companies, including Hyundai Motor Group, Shiseido, Theland and Michelin, have signed up with the CIIE Bureau to attend the expo in the next three years.

Xi called for sticking to expanding domestic demand as a strategic underpinning and fostering a positive cycle of the national economy. He also called for a supply system more compatible with the domestic demand.,The Australian Trade and Investment Commission said the number of Australian exhibitors attending the expo is up 20 percent compared with last year.,Peter Giavotto, an Arlington resident, told Xinhua that the voting was quicker than he thought it would be and that he feels safer casting his ballot early in the morning than doing that later in the day.,79.支持社会办医,推广远程医疗;,Breaking down the proposals, Xi has expounded on several key topics of the document.,In addition, governments at all levels in Xinjiang have taken effective measures to help religious organizations and religious schools improve their working and teaching conditions. The Xinjiang Islamic Institute has built its new campus as well as eight branches across Xinjiang.,  进博磁力,11.加强国际产业安全合作,形成具有更强创新力、更高附加值、更安全可靠的产业链供应链;,The Trump-Biden race could come down to Pennsylvania, where Trump stunned then Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by less than 1 percentage point four years ago, according to Nate Silver, founder and editor-in-chief of FiveThirtyEight, a U.S. website focusing on opinion poll analysis and politics.
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