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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, also a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, in an instruction stressed the importance of implementing the policy to extend the second round of land contracts for another 30 years and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of hundreds of millions of farmers.,Inside, registration desks, with hand sanitizers and cleansing wipes on them, are at least several feet from one another. Voters are provided with single-use stationery, including pens. Poll workers frequently disinfect voting booths and machines between use.,A villager makes felt at home at Jamat Village in Toli County, northwest China"s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. [Xinhua/Photo],  云南某县一位基层干部说,近两年来,几乎每个月都有网络投票活动,尤其年底前那段时间比较多。今年9月,该干部又被要求为一个评比投票,每天一票,还要在朋友圈转发,烦不胜烦。,  足不出户,小新云游进博会,  进博磁力,  党诚希望自己能通过考试,成为西安翻译学院的一名学生,跟女儿共同学习、进步。他报名高职扩招考试其实没跟女儿商量,这几天,党白雪才知道这件事。她说,去年她就听过父亲提成人高考,但不知道他真的报名了。党诚说:“知道后,她有点惊讶,但对我也很支持。我主要希望可以提升自己的文化程度,如果今年能被录取,我会很开心;如果没能被录取,只要符合条件,我还会继续考。”,  再往前看,第一次世界大战之后,民主社会主义在西方发达国家,特别是在欧洲较快发展。民主社会主义既不是空想社会主义,也不是科学社会主义。他们和空想社会主义的区别是,他们一定程度上变成了现实。他们与科学社会主义的区别是,他们放弃了科学社会主义的目标和很多原则,他们的一个核心思想就是伯恩斯坦讲的,目标微不足道,运动就是一切。所以说他们总体上属于具有社会主义因素的改良资本主义。,39.坚持房子是用来住的、不是用来炒的定位,租购并举、因城施策,促进房地产市场平稳健康发展;

35.建立农村低收入人口和欠发达地区帮扶机制,保持财政投入力度总体稳定,接续推进脱贫地区发展;,In most states and Washington, D.C., polls opened early on Tuesday morning and will close in the evening. Voters in two tiny towns in the northeastern state of New Hampshire cast the country"s first ballots on Election Day after the clock struck midnight.,"The China International Import Expo provides a unique opportunity to strengthen and deepen the UK"s commercial ties with China," said British Minister for Exports Graham Stuart.,The fifth plenary session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) was held from Oct. 26 to 29 in Beijing. The session adopted CPC Central Committee"s proposals for the formulation of the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) for National Economic and Social Development and the Long-Range Objectives Through the Year 2035.,It remains the Party"s firm commitment to the people to comprehensively build a moderately prosperous society of a higher level for the benefit of more than 1 billion people by the time when the CPC marks its 100th founding anniversary, Xi said.,  2020年11月,全球目光再次齐聚上海,见证中国经济的强大韧性与旺盛活力。,绿色发展,12.加快壮大新一代信息技术、生物技术、新能源、新材料、高端装备、新能源汽车、绿色环保以及航空航天、海洋装备等产业;,  面对突如其来的新冠疫情,勇于担当,敢于创新。从支援湖北到本地抗疫,从复工防疫两手抓到严防境外输入,全市上下守望相助,携手抗疫,共同筑起上海这座超大城市的生命防线,并为全国打赢疫情防控阻击战贡献上海力量;,Xi said that China"s economy has the hope and potential to maintain long-term stable development.
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